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Shepherd's Wellness Weekly Menu & Blog

Welcome to Shepherd's Wellness Weekly Menu and Blog page. Want to order from me each week but don't know what to do? Not to worry, it is super easy and pain free.

Every Friday a new menu will be posted for customers to see and select what they would like for the week, all orders are asked to be placed no later then Sunday. Meal porch pick-up and Delivery take place on Tuesday and Thursday. To place an order please text or call 705-331-0055. Please note there is a small fee of $5 for deliveries.

An ongoing series of informative entries

Dec 6th - Dec 9th

Greetings Friends, 

Hello December! Hope everyone is taking good care.  I am going to jump right into this week. If there is anyone in need of catering this week, please do not hesitate to ask.

Here is the menu.

Smoky Potato and Kale Soup - Smoky Potato and Kale Soup is the perfect cold-weather dinner…great for nights when you’re craving something warming.  A garlicky smoked paprika broth with potatoes, kale, a touch of lemon, and Manchego cheese. Serve each steaming bowl of soup with crusty bread. It’s hearty, full of greens, and so delicious.

Creamy Artichoke and Spinach Gnocchi -Inspired by the flavors of Tuscany, this simple, hearty dish is so delicious! Think spinach and artichoke dip, but with the addition of pillowy potato gnocchi, Italian herbs and spices, and a rich creamy sauce.  

Thai Butternut Squash Curry with Noodles- This most DELICIOUS winter inspired curry is extra saucy, spicy, sweet, and served over egg noodles.  So good, super healthy, warm and cozy.

Creamy Mushroom Lasagna - Creamy, saucy and lots of mushrooms all jammed in lasagna noodles. Nothing like a hearty and healthy, wrapped in goodness.  And yes it is vegan and dairy free!

Salted Tahini Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies - 6 for $10  Made with almond flour and honey and lightly sweetened for a cookie that’s just a touch healthier. Every bite is slightly crisp on the edges, but soft and chewy in the center. Yum

Nov 29 - Dec 4th


Hard to believe we are entering into the last month of 2021! This can be such a hectic month, we often over extend ourselves in so many ways.  Don't get enough sleep, eat all the wrongs foods, over spend, don't exercise or drink enough water. Only to have to hit the reset button for the new year.  

Why do we do this? It is not like the Christmas Holidays suddenly come at us unexpectedly.  Yet we seem to repeat the same story every year.  Now I maybe over generalizing, however, there is truth in what I just said.  It is all about patterns and habits, you are able to rewrite the story but first you must recognize what is not serving you.  Breaking old habits does take practice and some discipline but if you don't want to set yourself up for a disappointing start to 2022. Now is the time to slow down and give yourself some self love!  You don't require having to wait till the new year, start today! Set yourself up with all the right tools to help you through the holidays, and if you start to feel overwhelmed then sit back and be realistic perhaps you are taking on too much. 

It is okay to say no, because at the end of the day being run down, sick and tired will take all the enjoyment away and I am sure you don't want that.  Get to know your limits, what combinations of food and drink don't work well with you, take a look at your budget, make time for yourself, whether that is down time or exercising, you need it!  Fill your cup with what makes you stronger, healthier and happy.  Where is your energy going too? And if it runs out how will you tend to that?  

Have a plan, ensure it includes yourself as well, give the gift of wellness this month, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. 

I wish everyone a great week, stay warm, and healthy. 

Here is the menu.

Tuscan White Bean and Lemon Soup - Rich flavours of basil pesto, parmesan, lemon, garlic, lots of vegetables and white beans. This soup is the winter soup you will be looking for as you cozy up to the fire with some nice crusty bread and a glass of wine...if you do that sort of thing.

Crispy Buffalo Quinoa Bites - My twist on a buffalo chicken salad. Crispy quinoa bites are so good, using white beans and quinoa as the base, baked till crispy and tossed in a buffalo sauce, the best part is the vegan ranch dressing which compliments the salad and the bites. Fresh veggies, a hint of spice, you can't go wrong.  Not to mention lots of fiber and, win.

Chipotle Bean Chili -  Nothing beats a slowly simmered chili on a cold wintery day. Made with four kinds of beans, bell peppers, smoky chipotle peppers, and served with plenty of sharp cheddar cheese. This bowl of chili is a hearty, healthy, and cozy vegetarian meal that you can feel good about eating.

Cheddar Cauliflower Black Bean Enchiladas  -  A vegetarian twist on a classic Mexican dish with these Chipotle Cheddar Cauliflower Black Bean Enchiladas. I’ve swapped the meat for nutrient packed cauliflower, but kept things authentic (and delicious) with smoky chipotle powder, hearty black beans, and a nice amount of cheddar cheese. 

Orange Cranberry Muffins - These vegan cranberry almond orange muffins are fluffy, sweet, and bursting with juicy cranberries. Plus, they're packed with fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

Nov 22nd- 26th

Hello Everyone, 

I am excited this morning as it is my youngest son's birthday, today 14 years ago I was having my third baby. To know what path that day would set me on, I wouldn't of believed it. Not only was he a beautiful addition to my family but ultimately he changed the trajectory of my journey and career.  He is so wise beyond his years and I'm extremely grateful to be his mother, as he has taught me so much about life, patience, being true to oneself by being authentic and real, no matter what. Without Sam, I wouldn't of thrown myself into nutrition like I did, or understood autism.  He is a shining star and I am excited to see what the years will bring as I know they will be interesting.  He adds brightness to my days, everyday. 

Thank you for your uniqueness, sense of humour and exceptional way of seeing this messed up world Sammi. My heart is full today. 


I wish everyone a great week, stay warm, and healthy. 

Here is the menu.

Vegetable Wonton Soup - Better than the takeout version… and healthier too! Classic Chinese inspired wonton soup is wontons simmered in a warming soy sauce based broth. Add fresh flavor with ginger and garlic. Add color with charred baby bok choy. I like to finish each bowl off with an addicting toasted sesame chili oil spooned over top. Perfect for cold nights.

Maple Baked Beans with Cheese and Garlic Biscuits - Nothing like homemade baked beans, these are sweet and smoky and the perfect vegetarian meal that can be eaten on its own or as a side. Either way, its full of good for you nutrients and is filling. Paired them up with biscuits this time, a great combo of savory meets sweet.

Marinated Mushroom Bowl - Grilled marinated Portobello mushrooms with mash potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts, healthy stick to your ribs food that won't weigh you down. 

Taco Stuffed Peppers with Cashew Cream - Imagine a burrito stuffed into a pepper, black beans, quinoa. spices, tomatoes and yes cheese. All baked in a oven roasted pepper, along with a side of cashew sour cream. Yum!

Chewy Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies- Well these are not only vegan, but so good, the name of them says it all....Yummy.

Nov 15th - 19th

Hi friends, 

Looks like we are coming into some not so nice weather, many of you may not know but I do lean on the weather as a guide when I design my menus. As most of us whether aware or not are intuitively  guided by seasons on how we eat.  For some its speaks loudly, for others not so much. So this week we have some lightly spiced and cozy meals, all have been popular throughout the years.  I hope these healthier versions you find comfort in and stay warm.  Remember health is wealth and we are coming into flu season. 

For those in the midst of planning Christmas gatherings, please don't hesitate to reach out. This time of year can be hectic and I would be happy to ease some of the stress by providing my catering services.  Together we can design wonderful creations for everyone to enjoy.  

I wish everyone a great week. 

Mean Green Soup - This Mean Green Vegetable Soup is packed with all kinds of winter vegetable, green lentils for protein, and spices like garlic, ginger, and cayenne that will help fight off winter colds plus rev your metabolism. This soup is most definitely a favourite among my clients and is often requested, if you haven't tried it yet I would encourage you too.

Peanut Noodles with Sesame HalloumiThis noodle recipe is all about the sauce.

It’s heavy on the peanut butter, and flavored with Thai curry paste, ginger, honey, and toasted sesame oil, then tossed with rice noodles and topped with fresh lime, basil, and cilantro. For my meat eaters, this would compliment a nice chicken breast or beef slices.

Sweet Potato Curry with Crispy Chickpeas - The perfect bowl of warming comfort food that’s also really healthy.  Using good for us ingredients like sweet potatoes, red lentils, Thai curry paste, and creamy coconut milk. It’s cozy, a little spicy, and filled with vegetables. Finish each bowl off with steamed rice and crispy salty sesame chickpeas. Topped with pomegranates and fresh herbs.

Extra Sticky Kung Pao Cauliflower - Oven-roasted cauliflower tossed in a sweet, spicy, and sticky kung pao sauce. I’ve swapped the chicken for nutrient-packed cauliflower, and replaced the deep frying with oven roasting. This kung pao cauliflower is the perfect healthy, but still delicious, alternative to the traditional heavier sugary version.

Banana chocolate chip muffins - Always trying to make muffins a little healthier without compromising on the taste, much like last weeks muffins these will be vegan and low in sugar. Great for a quick snack or breakfast.

Nov 8th- 12th

Hi Friends, 

My apologies for not posting last weeks blog, however, the site was down and it was beyond my control. Sometimes technology doesn't want to cooperate, so when that happens there isn't much to do but wait. So thank you for those who were patient with the situation.

I hope everyone is having a good week, and settling into November. Remember to take extra care with yourself as we go into daylight savings this weekend, strange how this can mess with ones health but it has been proven that it does affect your overall wellness. 

On that note let's take a look at the menu.

Hungarian Mushroom and Wild Rice Stew - The traditional robust dill and paprika flavours pairs so well with umami packed mushrooms, wild rice and rich, creamy broth.  It is the ultimate bowl of warmth on a chilly night. Also helps boost the immune system thanks to the powerful antioxidants found in the mushrooms, garlic and cayenne. 

Herbed Cheddar Latkes and Kale Salad - Shredded potatoes, sharp cheddar cheese, and fresh herbs, all mixed together and pan-fried into a delicious and crisp potato pancake. Paired with a hearty kale salad.  Yum

Saucy Ginger Sesame Noodles with Caramelized Mushrooms-  Chinese inspired noodles, but wanted it to be a little healthier too. Crispy caramelized mushrooms in a sweet, spicy, tangy ginger garlic sauce, atop noodles in steaming, spicy broth. 

Wild Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash - Sort of like Thanksgiving stuffing in a squash, wild rice, with a mix of spices, spinach and cranberries and fresh herbs, topped with buttery bread crumbs and yes there is cheese!  Makes a great side or the perfect vegetarian meal for one.

Blueberry and Chocolate Chip Muffins - I think the title says it all, makes a great quick breakfast or on - the go snack. Or a small treat with a tea break.

Oct 25th - 29th

Hi Friends, 

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, a few announcements before we get to the this weeks menu.

Firstly, this coming Wednesday I am catering and offering consultations for the Sonder's event of Candle Lit Piano Yoga, it will be a lovely evening of gentle yoga with live music, followed by tea and treats made by yours truly, tarot readings and an opportunity to ask a nutritionist a few questions.  There are still a few spots available, would love to see you there.

Secondly, I apologize  for the  short menu however, I was just notified that I will not have power on Thursday for most of the day. so.... we will back to a full menu by next week. 

I wish all the little people (and older) a happy Halloween, be safe and stay warm! Looks like the we are heading into much cooler weather, which is why all my meals this week are cozy comfort foods to keep you feeling good,!!!

Peanut Noodle Soup with Mango Lime - Spicy, gingery, peanutty, coconutty, and just a little salty, plus a little sweet. YUM. Bunches of broccoli for some much needed veggies, a good amount of peanut butter, rice noodles, plenty of coconut milk, and topped each bowl off with fresh mango and lime zest. The mango and lime zest are key if you ask me.

Vegan Spinach Alfredo Lasagna- Marinara sauce and creamy spinach cauliflower-cashew alfredo sauce are layered with ribbons of lasagna noodles and baked to perfection. Would never know its vegan.

Spicy Black Bean and Lentil Chili with Cashew Sour Cream- This chili I have been making for years and so many now prefer it over one with meat! Its got everything you need, protein, fiber, flavour and will fill your tummy but not feel so heavy like beef does, it’s a beyond delicious, cozy winter meal!

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies  -I mean....who doesn't like a chocolate chip cookie at the end of a hard day? These are chewy, full of chocolate and perfect to pair with you coffee or tea.

Oct 18th - 22nd

This weeks menu! 

Spicy Peanut Soup with Sesame Halloumi - It’s creamy, just a touch spicy, and layered with sweet potatoes and kale for a bright and healthy soup. Then finish each bowl off with pan-fried Halloumi cheese. This dish is layered with flavor and texture, completely delicious, and perfect for a cold night.

Creamy Pesto Spinach and Artichoke Gnocchi- Inspired by the flavors of Tuscany, this simple, hearty dish is so delicious! Think spinach and artichoke dip, but with the addition of pillowy potato gnocchi, Italian herbs and spices, and a rich creamy sauce. Truly one of those all-in-one dinners that everyone at the table will love.

Nutty Crusted Butternut Squash with Crispy Herb Chickpeas Bowl- Crunchy nut encrusted squash, marinated kale, and Spice roasted chickpeas. Yes, this is  AMAZING!!! Not mention it is insanely healthy.

Creamy Mushroom, Green Bean and Wild Rice Casserole- Creamy heavenly, umami delight, lots of rich flavours, with a smoky velvety sauce, topped with panko and sliced almonds. Makes a great side for any meal or on its own. 

Cinnamon Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins- Tis the season, I am not the hugest pumpkin fan but I do love anything covered in cinnamon. So why not right?  Plus I love baking with fresh cranberries. This combo is delicious.

Oct 11th - 14th 

Greetings Friends

Firstly I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, I hope everyone finds time this weekend to enjoy good food, family and friends. 

I firmly believe you don't need a holiday to practice gratitude, however,  this time of year is a great reminder.

Gratitude is a powerful positive force. Far from a fluffy or frivolous concept, it has real impact on physical health, emotional wellbeing, motivation, engagement and belonging.

Gratitude is also the root of happiness. It tends to focus you on what you have and replace a sense of what you might be lacking. According to some philosophers, you can’t feel both grateful and unhappy, so when your mind focuses on all you are thankful for, you’re more likely to feel joy. 

In addition, when you are more grateful, you tend to focus on the present—appreciating right now—and this can reduce a sense of yearning or anxiety about the future. In fact, what you’re grateful for today may be something you hoped for yesterday. In addition, by focusing on all you have, you perceive those elements of your life as growing larger. Hence, gratitude tends to give you a feeling of fullness—that what you have is enough—and this is associated with contentment.

Being thankful can liberate you from a preoccupation with yourself and focus you more on the bigger picture—which tends to predict positive experiences.

Gratitude is good, and it has plenty of positive effects. It may also be what can help get us through the last miles of the pandemic marathon. Staying present, being attentive to others and appreciating all we have—just as we wait for all we want—can help us get to the finish line.

I hope you take the time to sit and reflect, share your gratitude with those all around you. This  doesn't require much effort other then a quick phone call or message. Shine your light and appreciation it would go unheard. 

On that note, allow me to say  a big THANK YOU to all my clients and followers, without you I would not be able to do what I do.  You make my heart full.

Now let's look at this weeks menu! 


Maple Baked Beans with Jalapeno Corn Muffins- There's something about baked beans that bring me back to being a child, of course this is a much healthier version then the canned  with  complex flavours of sweet, smoky and tangy. Paired with a jalapeño corn muffin, so good. (FYI are not spicy)

Bruschetta Veggie Burger and Potato Wedges- These burgers are bursting with sunny Italian flavours, fresh basil, sundried tomatoes, lemon and garlic. Not to mention lots of protein and fiber, topped with a wiped feta and a side of potato wedges. Can't go wrong.

Tex - Mex Casserole with Cashew Sour Cream - This is basically a burrito in a bowl! Vegetables, healthy proteins, grains, and a kick of heat. It’s pure comfort food.

Chocolate Almond Butter Zucchini Muffins- So you guess it, baking is back on the menu. Thought I'd start with a healthy on the go muffin. Has to have chocolate of course...but these are low in sugar and all organic ingredients.  Because we all need treats!

Oct 4th - 8th

Hello October!

 A time to share with family for Thanksgiving celebrations, chase goblins, to set out our pumpkins and watch the leaves turn, Sunday drives, family bonfires and long walks in the forest.

Fall is one of my most favourite times of the year.  So much beauty and of course we are blessed with the bounty of the harvest season. Lots to be grateful for, I hope everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy this weather, perhaps pick apples or head over to the pumpkin patch for some family fun. 

Most importantly, simply taking the time to be with loved ones and enjoy each day as they come. 

This weeks menu is all about comfort food, made healthy. So enjoy!

African Peanut Stew- This wholesome peanut-based dish takes inspiration from a West African groundnut stew. Soothing, lightly spiced and vegan, it is enriched with chickpeas, spinach and natural peanut butter. Creamy, satisfying, and lightly spicy, you’ll soon see why soul-soothing peanut butter and sweet potato are a match made in vegan heaven.

Cauliflower Pot Pie With Biscuits - This vegan cauliflower pot pie is a nutrient-dense take on the classic comfort food. Celery, carrots, tiny cauliflower florets, and peas are simmered in a rich cauliflower-cashew sauce. The nourishing pot pie filling is then topped with vegan biscuits. You don't want to miss out on this modern twist on a classic!

Indian Butter Pumpkin Chickpeas - Swapped the chicken for autumn pumpkin and chickpeas and replaced the heavy cream with rich and creamy coconut milk. These pumpkin butter chickpeas are the perfect healthy, but still super cozy and delicious, alternative to the classic Indian dish we all love.

 Walnut Sage and Cranberry Stuffed Mushrooms with Mashed Potatoes- Cremini mushrooms are stuffed with a savory mixture of walnuts, dried cranberries, and holiday-inspired herbs. Then, they're topped with vegan "parmesan" and roasted to perfection. Paired with creamy mashed potatoes. 

Sept 27th - Sept 30th

Hi Friends, 

I hope everyone is enjoying the tail end of September! The most exciting part of this year for me is taking advantage of the Autumn harvest, we are so blessed with such an amazing range of fresh vegetables right at our finger tips, perhaps many like myself are still harvesting from their own gardens, if not the local farmers markets and grocery stores are booming with lots of local greens.  Nothing better then eating local and fresh. 

This weeks menu is very much taking advantage of all the fruits and veggies in season and look forward to preparing it for you this week.

Thank you to all those who took advantage of the collagen deal last week or simply those who took the time to thank me for the information on collagen.   I will continue to share my knowledge as we quickly slip into the colder weather, now is the time to prepare and stock up on those extra items that help us stay healthy and strong. Such as adding back that vitamin D3 (less sun and shorter days)  and probiotic into your daily routine. Both of these are so important for the immune system and will keep you protected. 

Please don't hesitate to message or call me if you have concerns or questions. 

Have a great weekend and stay safe.  

Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup - Soup season is now in session! I love taking advantage of all the fall harvest vegetables this time of year, this soup is super creamy thanks to the pureed cauliflower and coconut milk. the tangy ingredients perfectly balance the spicy curry, creating the most delicious flavour. 

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas With Cashew Sour Cream - a creamy green sauce made from Cilantro, avocado (the cream!), lime, and a few other spices that served as a decadent topping for the sweet potato, black bean, spinach, and pepper enchiladas. Along with a side of cashew sour cream. These are so good!

Autumn Harvest Honey Crisp Apple and Feta Salad- This colorful Autumn Harvest Honeycrisp Apple and Feta Salad combines all the best produce that fall has to offer into the season’s best salad. Spicy baby arugula, Honeycrisp apples, juicy pomegranates, candied nuts, and marinated kale. All tossed with an apple cider vinaigrette. It’s a fall staple around here…healthy, simple, and so delicious.

Crispy Pepper Turmeric Cauliflower and Garlic Noodles- Cauliflower tossed with turmeric and black pepper, roasted until crispy, then served over saucy garlic butter rice noodles and topped with a spritz of lime and fresh Thai basil. So delicious! Every bite has hints of crispy, creamy, spicy-sweet flavor.